You and your goals are unique and finding the right coach to help you succeed is important. Start local to find the perfect fit for you.

David Tatum

David Tatum is a USAT Level I coach, with a strong passion to see people succeed and grow in their abilities in the sport of triathlon. David has seen success as an athlete qualifying for 70.3 Ironman World Championships, qualifying for USAT age group nationals and has been awarded the USAT all american award. As a coach he loves helping people realize their potential as an athlete, achieve their goals and finish new distances that they once thought were impossible.


Destination Adventure Racing is headed by Coach Farshad Oriezi -- a man who has, over the course of fifteen years, motivated and coached over 700 people to finish half marathons, full marathons, triathlons and Ironman events. His passion is to help others realize their own potential and and exceed their expectations.

An avid runner and competitor himself, Farshad has participated in over 47 marathons, including Athens,Boston,Chicago and New York. He has completed two Ironman races, and is a certified Ironman Coach.

Brad Castillo

The Wascally Wabbit Half Marathon invites you to train with The Wicked Fast Wascally Wunnahs lead by Brad! Register for the WWHM scheduled for September 20th and receive free hands on training from an RRCA certified coach. You will receive a schedule that will help you reach your goals. Whether that goal is to finish your first half marathon or improve your time we can help you achieve it. You will meet four times a week with the group and your coach for 12-14 weeks of training. We welcome all levels of fitness from the beginner runner to the advanced marathoner.  

Ray F. Knight

Ray is a running coach for Sierra Challenge Express. He leads their Wednesday track nights and Sunday hill runs.

Pinnacle Training Systems

Pinnacle Training Systems provides customized training programs for any sport at any level. We use scientific principles to create a plan around the reality of your life.

We use well-researched scientific principles behind every planned workout and rest period, ensuring maximum efficiency, no wasted efforts and reduced risk of injury due to overtraining. In addition, we offer packages that include sport psychology and/or nutritional guidance that speak to all aspects of athletic endeavors.

We believe in constant communication and utilize TrainingPeaks, an online workout scheduling and communications tool,  to stay up-to-date with our athletes.

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